Pipeline Maintenance and Construction Materials

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Pipeline maintenance and construction involve the usage of different materials.

КМА (carbonaceous backfill) used in anode ground electrode mounting in high-resistance soils (R > 30 Оm•m) decreases anode-soil transition resistance, drainages anode area, decreases ground electrode dissolution rate. Coke breeze and soil mineralization of the near anode area increase the area of current giving area.

Besides КМА there are products referring to the pipe crossings under roads and other facilities.

They are Cover U-PMTD-S for Rubber Neck Gaskets PMTD, Cover U-PMTD-S-ОКS for Rubber Neck Gaskets with a channel/ two channels for protective pipes for communication cables PMTD -ОКS, Cover U- PMTD -SК for Rubber Goffered Pressed Neck Gaskets PMTD-GP, Protective Cover UZMG for Water Tight Gaskets. The Gaskets protect from soil pressure, impacts from trench filling, during maintenance and construction, from unplanned opening of the area between the pipes and the sun radiation.

Water Tight Neck Gaskets TIP-2 and Rubber Neck Gaskets PMTD watertight the area between the protective casing and carrier pipeline.

Dielectric Rings Spacer with two (three) segments ease the process of pulling the pipeline inside the casing, protect the pipeline insulation from damages, secure the route pipelines at the center with regard to the casing.

The same is true about Guide Rings, Back-Up Rings PMTD. The rings are configured from two semi-rings with fixed sliding support. They are used in transition parts with the length of up to 200 m.

Guide Rings ONK with 2 (3) segments are manufactured in 20 sizes. They are steel clamps with dielectric supports for easy sliding when a pipe is pulled in the casing.

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