Thermite Cable Welding for Electrochemical Protection Systems

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Thermite welding of electrochemical protection cables involves the usage of copper thermomixtures, soldering welding rods, thermocrayons together with the graphite melting molds which are authorized to be used on hazardous sites.

Copper mixtures are packed as follows:

  • in consumable graphite melting cups in a water-tight manner;
  • in reusable melting molds consisting of two half-pots;
  • copper thermomixtures pressed in thermocrayons are packed in reusable graphite melting molds;
  • water-tight paper cylindrically packed (soldering welding rods) copper thermite mixtures are packaged with reusable graphite holders.

Copper thermite mixtures are for preparing and welding the cables.

  • First, the insulation at the electrochemical protection cables’ ends is removed at the distance of about 120 mm.
  • Then the supporting end face of the melting mold or a holder is polished with abrasive paper for the better contact with the protected pipe.
  • The pipe is polished and ungreased prior its mounting in the place where a melting mold or holder entries for electrochemical protection are welded. An electrochemical protection entry should be placed along the pipe axis in its upper quarter with zenith deviation of max ±10º.
  • The end of the electrochemical protection cable enters the pouring chamber of the holder or melting mold.
  • To weld the cables with thermomixture in a reusable melting mold from two half-molds, a membrane is installed at the bottom of combustion chamber.
  • The mixture should be properly shaken prior opening a water-right package of 1 kg thermomixture. When the package is opened, the mixture should be poured out in the central channel of a reusable melting mold. The mixture should be placed in two layers by compacting each layer when it is ready.
  • Soldering welding rods or thermocrayons are installed in the central channel of the holder or melting mold.
  • A thermomatch is used to set a fire on the mixture in a melting mold.
  • A firing cord should be taken out from the melting mold or holder. The cord is put on fire with a thermomatch, a match or with a remote firing device.

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